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Without guns however, how will we be able to protect our families from the criminals that will illegally possess guns? Gun control activists say that waiting periods will reduce the number of criminals who obtain firearms, but the NRA says that waiting periods are ineffective. They argue that if a criminals mind were set on committing a crime, a waiting period would merely become another obstacle. Even if a background check were to take place during the waiting period, and the criminal was denied the sale of a gun, a weapon could easily be obtained elsewhere: stolen, bought illegally, or another weapon could be used.

The point is that a criminal with the premeditation to act out a crime is going to do so, whether a waiting period is present or not. Guns stored at home are not great dangers to innocent people like children, despite what the public thinks.

Gun Control

Children who are properly taught gun-safety measures are less likely to be involved in gun-related accidents or with crime. If an adult in the household has access to a firearm, such a childs life could actually be saved if an intrusion were to take place. As David B. Kopel states, Gun control Advocates are hammering at the issue of children and guns as never before in the hope that it will be easier to enact gun controls aimed at adults in an atmosphere of panic about children Kopel Children are not in any danger that cannot be prevented with the correct educative measures.

The ban on Assault weapons will not help reduce gun violence. Despite the scary-looking, military-style features, the assault weapons are no more lethal than hundreds of legal firearms.

Gun Rights vs Gun Control

First of all, the definition of an assault weapon is not distinct and under the national ban no one knows what an assault weapon is and what a regular firearm is. NRA Giving the name assault weapon is similar to giving red vehicles with speedometers that go beyond one hundred miles per hour the name death cars because these are said to be the favored vehicles of drunk and reckless drivers.

Assault weapons are or were surprisingly attributed to less than one quarter of one percent of violent crimes in New Jersey. A police officer has a better chance of encountering a wild bear from the local zoo than confronting an assault weapon. But the liberal media makes this a priority, ignoring the facts.

Gun control should not take place. The constitution prohibits it, common sense when it comes to protection invalidates it, many statistics prove it, and any reasonable person when confronted with the facts will disagree with it. Guns are not health hazards, a danger to children, nor preventable with hassling bills and restrictions. The many differences in types of guns do not give reason to ban these guns called Assault Weapons.

The second amendment should end the argument to the whole gun control debate, and maybe in a few years another analysis of it will. Or maybe gun control activists, instead of trying to prevent the ownership of guns, which deter crime, should focus their energy and effort towards the root of the crime problem- the criminals.

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This has been a topic that has been an extremely emotional debate with people on both sides unwilling to compromise. Gun advocates and…. What gun control has been shown to cause in America is to increase the rates of violent crimes.

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Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. It is awkward enough that a great politician would have a reality show, but to advertise politics is even stranger. On the other hand, The Brady Center uses the 2nd amendment as their defense for gun control.

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Helmke and many other gun control advocates believe that the 2nd amendment does not give the citizens the right to carry guns. Helmke believes the 2nd amendment was written in a sense to give the military and federal government the right to carry guns and not the citizens. Supreme Court, the Second Amendment has a militia purpose. Not a hunting purpose. Not a self-defense purpose.

Not a target-shooting purpose. Not a "private purpose. This being said, the 2nd amendment has more meaning to it than what is written. There is a difference when a police officer or a soldier is holding a gun in the. Read More.

Gun Rights vs Gun Control • OpenSecrets

Words: - Pages: 4. Worse, civilian disarmament leaves innocent people defenseless against killers. Gun control enables — rather than prevents — homicide.

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