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Both share equal responsibility in the making of society and hence both are supplement to each other. But from the very beginning, there has been a big question mark on the status of women in our society. All talk of their role and responsibility but none care for their position. They have been exploited and ill-treated right from the beginning of the creation. No doubt in the days of the epic age, women enjoyed great respect among people. Even in the great modern books their position remained respectable. But the reality is something else. Women have been put behind walls from ages.

The Vedas view of human nature is that humans have an "eternal self atman " that is tucked into numerous "bodily layers kosas " such as: intellect, breath, body and mind Coward, These layers that Coward describes are believed by Hindus to be made of "karma" that has been created by a person's "free choice in this and previous lives" In order for humans to approach perfection the purging of one's karma was be conducted; "…it is karma that causes one to be reborn" Coward, Humans are expected to make a spiritual quest, and that, Coward explains in his book, is that goal that "each one must realize" The human condition according to Swami Brahmeshananda is that man is "less governed by his instincts than other animals" and that if humans didn't have dharma, they are "no better…… [Read More].

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Christianity and Islam Hinduism Is. The Vedas are the primary texts of Hinduism. The oldest is called the ig Veda hymns praising a number of gods , with the other three being the Yajur Veda rituals for sacrifices , the Sama Veda chants for ritual worship , and the Athara Veda spells and charms for healing the sick. The ig Veda, the oldest of the four Vedas, was composed around B.

Vedas are ancient oral traditions that reflect the customs, belief and practices of the ancient Aryan people. It contains hymns, chants, incarnations and rituals from ancient India. Later additions to the Vedas were the Upanishads, which elaborates on how the soul Atman can be united with the ultimate truth Brahman through meditation.

Feminist Movements in Religion: Hinduism and Christianity

The other type of Hindu literature is smrti, which is verbal remembered or "handed down" by tradition, texts. One of the most famous stories…… [Read More]. Trimurti and the Trinity Hinduism is a religion which is practiced by millions of people all over the world, particularly in India and other eastern nations. It is a religion which is unlike any other, a religion designed for the individual.

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Unlike most religions which demand that followers a designated set of rules and practices which require adherence, Hinduism is about individual beliefs. Most religions begin from a written interpretation of what the creators have stated that their God, or Gods in polytheistic religions, wants from the practitioners, also known as the dogma.

Because of this fact, the other religions are comparatively slow to evolve and are less likely to accommodate individual believers. Religious scholar J. Nanda explains, "Hinduism is not limited by the view of a single founder, a single holy man or a single holy book" Nanda Since there is no one type of person in the…… [Read More]. How Buddhism modify Hinduism? How explain appeal Buddhism? How did Buddhism modify Hinduism? How can we explain the appeal of Buddhism? Both Buddhism and Hinduism share many similar features. Both possess the doctrine of karma, or the notion that one's actions in this life affect what transpires later on.

However, while Hinduism preaches the doctrine of anatma, or self, Buddhism preaches the doctrine of non-self Difference between Buddhism and Hinduism, , difference between. The first noble truth of Buddhism is that there is suffering and the second noble truth of the Buddha is that the cause of suffering is our delusion that we possess a self. For Hindus, the self is a static, unchanging and eternal thing. For Buddhism, what we believe to be the self is merely a conglomeration of the five aggregates: matter, sensation,…… [Read More].

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  4. Gospel of Christ to Hinduism. The Christian faith provides one Lord, one God and one true creator.

    Role of Women in Hinduism

    The bible instructs man to worship and love only one God. It is something that can create great stress with the belief that one is on earth because in a previous life they were not worthy. The Christian faith believes that God created all mankind with free will.

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    He…… [Read More]. Abib -- Islam and Hinduism. Of course, Americanized women are more apt to push the edge of human rights, whether internally or for their bretheran abroad. The book is very personal in orientation, not footnoted, and scholarly only on the point of interest level and tone. Postcolonialism has been accentuated by globalism, and is a particular change factor in the Hindu world. For much of this world, centuries of colonialism had a dominant effect upon culture, expression, gender roles, and political awareness.

    In particular, the media telecommunication, television, the Internet engenders reform within society because it shows younger Hindus what is possible in the outside world, what other younger people are doing in different parts of the world, and how they can remain compatible with Hinduism while still becoming citizens of the modern world. Change is the ultimate decision maker for culture, and the post-colonial Hindu…… [Read More]. Buddhism and Hinduism Compare and.

    These consist in offerings made at the home shrine or performing puja to the family deities whereas Nainittika occur only at certain times during the year. For instance, the celebration of festivals in temples, offering thanksgiving etc. Kamya are pilgrimages. Although optional they are ocnsidered by the followers of the faith to be highly desirable. It allows a devotee to see and be seen by the deity which is an important part of Hindu Worship. Areas of pilgrimage would be rivers especially river Ganges, and holy places such as Banares believed to be the home of Lord Shiva , Allahabad, etc.

    In order to arise to enlightment buddhist meditate. Meditation involves the body and the mind. For Buddhists this is particularly important as they want to avoid…… [Read More]. Buddhism and Hinduism Both the.

    Essay: A Comparison of Buddhism and Hinduism

    Emptiness, as we also find in some Hindu philosophies like Advaita, is the eternal emptiness that is beyond dualism and which is rich with possibilities that far exceed the dualities of the ordinary world. In most Buddhist schools of thought we understand the search for Nirvana as the personal search for enlightenment and understanding of existence beyond ordinary duality.

    This is also reflected in Advaita Hinduism. Another important area of comparison is the rejection of a personal God or the concept of God as part of the realization of Nirvana. This is evident in all forms of Buddhism and in Advaita Hinduism. However, the Dvaita school of thought and other forms of Hinduism tend to place emphasis on God or Gods as essential for enlighten. There are many other similarities and differences between these two faiths, which would take as few books to discuss. In the final analysis we could…… [Read More]. Christianity to Hinduism Dear Hindu. Salvation will come based on one's deeds rather than on his capacity to achieve a high spiritual level, as in the Hindu faith and others.

    Christianity does not necessarily provide all the answers. Christian believers will still have doubts about their existence, about their role on Earth and about their lives, as well as about their capacity of attaining salvation. However, Christianity provides the means by which one can integrate successfully into his or her life, enjoy the life here, while committing to a life within the Church and doing the good deeds that can help an individual attain eternal salvation.

    The idea of salvation puts things into perspective, but with a direct impact on the present, because it is the acts of the individual here that will get the salvation or not. Christianity can be considered, from all these perspectives, the most complete religion in existence and a way…… [Read More].

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    Understanding Hinduism and Buddhism. Maya In the reading, Maya has been given different meanings by the Upanishads. From my understanding, the world contains both magic and matter. Therefore, the world is real because it takes many different forms and accommodates diversity. Therefore, God is our creator who directs us to the concept of Maya when dealing with nature. For the Shvetasvatara this implies that God is the one who rules over Maya and this includes human beings and all other things found on earth.

    The world can be looked at as something stable and permanent, but some disparity can be drawn from the aspect that makes movements. Time is also seen by people to be something that is real and the distinct divisions in this element…… [Read More]. Status of Women in Hinduism. Hindu society dictates that once a girl is married, she no longer belongs in the home of her parents and her husband's home is her entire future. She may never return to her maternal home on a permanent basis, for that would bring shame upon her in Hindu society.

    This is the reason why Hindu weddings are always characterized by much weeping as the girl ceremoniously bids farewell to her ancestral home. Her husband becomes her God, his home becomes her home and her life is dedicated to serve him and obey him. In the absence of the support of her maternal home, dowry was provided as a means to provide for the girl's new family needs in the event of a financial crisis. However, over the years this practice has degenerated into a mercenary enterprise, where a premium is placed on a male and the woman is bought and…… [Read More].

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