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Although steroids cause minimal deaths in our society, banning of steroids is purely justified because steroids have extremely perilous side effects on the unsuspecting user. Though steroids are known as a somewhat dangerous substance, they are legal to possess and consume, and there has not been a true clinical study that proves such possible side effects are linked to medical problems of steroid users. Sure, there has been several cases where someone has died and an otopsy showed the person was using steroids, but this does not mean they are a lethal drug as some medical professionals have stated.

Some advocates believe that because steroids are legal, and since it's the decision of the user to take the drug, steroids are not causing a problem in society. Alcohol and cigarettes are consumed by millions, causing deteriorating effects on their bodies, but there has never been a protest to put a ban on the items because of their harmful nature. So how are steroids any different? Some people may state that the wide spread use of steroids among athletes is forcing young upcoming athletes to use steroids, even though it's against their morals.

This is because they know they can not compete adequately against their opponents who are using steroids to achieve higher levels of performance. One might say this is how competition works though.

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Race car drivers and gymnasts are out there every day, pushing themselves harder and harder, going just a little faster, or doing a new, more difficult trick. Many believe they are forced by their own desire to win, and the hazardous risks they take, be it taking a corner a little faster or pulling an extra flip in a routine, are no different than the risks a football player, wrestler, or weight lifter takes when they choose to use steroids to increase their skills.

Many believe these reasons make steroid abuse morally justified, and say their use in sports and other activities are just an added element in boosting performance.

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It is true, there has not been any defined medical research to prove steroid abuse is linked to severe medical implications, but words of warning from chronic users dealing with massive medical difficulties they believe were a result of steroid abuse is just cause to prove the harmful effects of steroids. Alcohol and cigarettes are major contributors to the deaths of thousands each year. Frequently we see a family member, or friend, suffering from diseases and health conditions caused by smoking and drinking.

These conditions can often lead to an early, horrible death for the individual. Many find these experiences an obstantial reason to not drink and smoke. In a similar situation, young athletes see their former athletic idols suffering from medical problems caused by steroids. These professionals will even admit to their former steroid abuse in hopes to persuade the thousands of young athletes participating in steroid abuse each day. I find it hard to reason how young athletes can simply ignore the warnings of these suffering abusers.

This can partly be blamed on the lack of This featured Argumentative Essay On Steroids In Sports is one of many example essays available on this topic. Athletes, and Sports - Benefits of Supplements in Athletes, and Sports - Benefits of Supplements in Athletic Training Argumentative Persuasive Essays Athletic Benefits of Supplements The Development of drugs and supplements used by mankind has evolved from what it once was in its early stages of existence.

As with all man-made things, it is said that anything made by man can be improved Moore, p With this concept, almost anything in nature can apply. In this case, the development of anabolic supplements and the human body. Gladiators, wrestlers, and sprinters are some the early types of athletes that competed. Mankind seems to have been born with a desire to compete; every man feels the need to have dominance over another man.

These facts are even apparent in today's society. Now there are all kinds of sports to choose Drugs and Sports - Negative Effects of Steroids Ar Drugs and Sports - Negative Effects of Steroids Argumentative Persuasive Essays Negative Effects of Steroids The intent of this essay is to show that steroids have many negative effects and that steroids , and other natural supplements, should be closely studied by the FDA.

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    Argumentative Essay On Steroids In Sports

    You know before writing an essay, you should really use something called research. Which even then, most people don't have the correct knowledge and evidence to truly understand what steroids do, and how they may or may not be bad depending on use, and quite frankly how often they are used. Guess what, every sport has athletes who use steroids. In fact most athletes depending on the sport at least use them. They all claim natural but often steroids are not used as an advantage anymore but rather level out the playing field in a very competitive league, in which their career, money, lifestyle and overall doing what they love depends on this and how much extra work and money they put in.

    Lol do some reasearch before writing, your essay was difficult to continue to read, you judge people for things you don't fully understand, on things you simply don't understand at all. Report Abuse.

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    I totally agree with this article, as an athlete myself i think it is extremely unfair. Thanks for an excellent essay, Monce! The dangerous and damaging affects of taking steroids to play sports, or at all Steroids have devastating affects on teens and adults alike, and they can also kill! Disallowing steroids in sports is a thing that this society, as a whole, should work towards. Jason King said Steroids should not be used at all.

    In fact drug use as a whole needs to be really discouraged. The whole damn continent seems to accept popping pills for this and that like candy and now injecting stuff. This abuse of chemicals needs to stop. And steroids are worse because it endorses injecting chemicals straight into the body.

    Steroids Should Not Be Allowed In Sports Essay – 402693

    Like smoking is shunned, so should using drugs be shunned Mikey said I agree but no one at all should use them. Sally sunshine said I think kids should not not use performance enchaning drugs it will destroy bodie and it a bad infants for the other players and sum times kids. Summary It should be illegal for athletes to use steroids for advantages in athletics.

    Response I agree that steroids should be illegal for athletes because it gives a disadvantage to the other athletes that want to succeed just as bad. I agree with your statements that steroids should not be allowed in sport or at all. And I don't know if you know this but steroids is actually illiegal. You either won't be allowed on the team or will be kicked off the team. As for your writing, it has potental and I can tell you did some research.